Susan Stamper Brown

One former employee's account claims the doctor joked about the large size of one of the children he allegedly snipped to death.

So why'd he do it? Doctor Gosnell, an African American, claims it was his way of giving back to his community. Seems it was more about money, allegedly pocketing millions of dollars, primarily from poor minority girls and women. Nonetheless, and really to no surprise, his attorney is playing the race card, accusing officials of "an elitist, racist prosecution."

There were many opportunities to expose this death factory but, sadly, no one did. The chilling grand jury investigation stated, "Over the years, many people came to know that something was going on here. But no one put a stop to it...."

Why? While no one can speak for those involved, one thing is for sure. The "nothing to see here" mentality is as dangerous today as it was during the Holocaust. We have a culture full of conscience-seared Americans who devalue human life to the point the whimpers of slaughtered children on abortion tables in Philadelphia are muffled out by the selfish cries of those demanding "convenience" and "choice," and ignored by others so self-absorbed, they believe their selective ignorance exempts them from responsibility.

Susan Stamper Brown

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