Susan Stamper Brown

We also see the creepy metamorphosis of Obama's "Organizing for America" into "Organizing for Action" (OFA), which, according to The Weekly Standard, exploits "a loophole in campaign law and ethics regulations" by claiming it is an ostensibly nonpolitical "social welfare group." Considering some of the emails they've sent and I've received, they're about as nonpolitical as the 501c(3) organization Media Matters, Fox News claims is bias to Democrats and "maintains a close working relationship with the Obama White House."

OFA is pimping out the POTUS at $500,000 a pop. Regardless of legality, OFA is raising "pay to play" to a whole new level. "You can buy four audiences per year with President Obama," according to the Washington Examiner. And $500,000 is for what? A means to an end I guess.

Those beholden to common sense can glance beyond the peripheral to see what's undoubtedly happening. Had public welfare, by way of job creation or relief from exorbitant food and gas prices, been a priority, the momentum would be moving in the other direction five years in. Instead, Obama is bent on destroying the one thing, the GOP, which is keeping him from his dream of radical change.

Susan Stamper Brown

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