Susan Stamper Brown

Well, duh. The group claims they are standing up for the rights of children, but what child, after watching “A Charlie Brown Christmas” has a conversion experience? But… if they do…good for them. I’m thinking these people might need to deal with their own Christianphobia. Charlie Brown? Come on.

The American Humanist Association’s (AHA) website unveiled its latest un-Christmas campaign, “Bias Against Atheists Is Naughty, Not Nice,” which accuses Christians of intolerance and depicts Santa Claus drafting a naughty list in the towns where the AHA claims atheists experienced discrimination because of their disbelief.

At the expense of sounding nit-picky here, on what basis would these particular free thinkers claim discrimination is wrong? In doing so, aren’t they inadvertently acknowledging a belief in Judeo-Christian morality and a fortuitous belief in God? Check out Deuteronomy 10:17 which states God is against partiality (discrimination). Humanists say humans can be “good without God,” but fall back into the same trap about the definition of good and how they arrived at that definition.

They claim they want freedom from religion, which they already have because it is one of our founding principles. Besides, Christianity is not a religion. Never was. Never will be. It’s a relationship. A way of life. A choice.

But freedom--from God--is another matter altogether, and that’s something they’ll have to work out with the man upstairs.

Susan Stamper Brown

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