Susan Stamper Brown

We are told Petraeus' alleged mistress perceived Kelley as a threat and sent disturbing emails to Kelley who then contacted a "friend" at the FBI, and the next thing we know, prominent military leaders are dropping like dominoes. While there is no justification for inappropriate behavior, it is fair to question if Petraeus and Allen were set up.

All this drama reminds me of a historical event that took place in 1941 when Joseph Stalin purged the Soviet Union's Red Army of its best officers and leaders because he feared a military coup due to growing opposition to his highly unpopular policies. Putin's doing the same thing today, save the bloodshed - we hope.

Hopefully, in our case, it's a bit less nefarious; Obama is sitting idle while the Benghazi scandal makes its way through the ranks and does nothing to slow it down. Or, maybe, we are dealing with something as simple as a convenient distraction, wherein Obama hopes the more we focus on sexy, the less we'll search for truth. Either way, Obama benefits and we lose.

Susan Stamper Brown

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