Susan Stamper Brown

Lest you think President Obama's bizarre handling of Benghazi is an anomaly, think again. Remember Fort Hood?

Just hours after the attack and while Americans were glued to their TVs in shock as death tolls and injury numbers rose -- an obviously disconnected and fairly jovial Obama made his first public statement about the shootings.

Obama's short statement sounding much like an afterthought about "a tragic shooting," came after his two minute lighthearted "shout out" (his words) to an audience member and talk about the necessity for healthcare reform.

The obvious disconnect between what happened at Fort Hood and the words flowing from the president's mouth was shocking. Jolting, even.

Providence, by way of Hurricane Sandy, has granted Obama one last chance to show us that he is not the heartless clod he comes across as during times of crisis. I was almost impressed to see him at FEMA headquarters Sunday - just up until he jetted off to Florida for a campaign rally Sunday night; he was "coming early to try to beat the storm" according to the Huffington Post. Sure, he returned to DC hours later, but isn't that the least he could do after four years of campaigning?

Susan Stamper Brown

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