Susan Combs

The federal government seems intent on vacuuming information up on us, but not so forthcoming in sharing information about its operation.

As an example, the EPA is accused of charging conservatives for access to information while waiving fees for friendly progressive groups. Adding insult to injury, the EPA more egregiously is accused of disclosing the personal contact information of farmers to environmental groups. And now we learn that President Barack Obama will use the strong arm of the EPA to penalize American energy producers through regulatory fiat.

This administration has dealt a body blow to America’s confidence. Our hope has been betrayed, our faith diminished.

As the mother of a U.S. Marine, a fourth-generation rancher, a servant of the people of Texas and a proud citizen of this great nation, I do believe in America. The America of our forefathers.

And I know we can do better.

Information is power. And the control of both can be easily abused – intentionally or not.

If there is nothing to hide, transparency need not be feared.

Susan Combs

Susan Combs has had a distinguished career in public service as a Member of the Texas House of Representatives, Texas’ first woman Agriculture Commissioner, and serving two terms as Texas Comptroller and Treasurer. After two decades of service, Susan remains a champion of sound, conservative economic principles and personal integrity for leaders.