Steven Aden

And so it goes, in courts across the country. Honest disclosures to mothers about the life in their womb are generally upheld, as the federal appeals court for Texas upheld that state’s ultrasound viewing requirement recently. (Likely recognizing this, an abortion facility in Kansas just withdrew its challenge to that state’s “human life” disclosure after railing against it as “deceptive” in public media for weeks.)

De-funding provisions are successful regarding some programs and unsuccessful regarding others, depending on the amount of control the pro-abortion Obama administration has over the purse strings.

The Supreme Court will have the opportunity in the next few months to consider 20-week abortion regulations based on fetal pain and the increased risk to mothers at that gestational age, as well as more aggressive disclosure requirements. It’s been six years now since the last High Court abortion decision, and the federal and state courts are in sore need of new and stronger guidance.

So there is progress here, albeit intertwined with a degree of frustration that certain provisions of the law are not taking effect.

Nevertheless, the lesson for pro-lifers throughout the country is to follow the example that those who’ve fought the good fight in Indiana have set: To fight for the opportunity to turn back the tide of death at every turn in the road, knowing that success is achieved by degrees.

Steven Aden

Steven H. Aden is senior counsel and director of life alliances for Alliance Defending Freedom.