Steven Aden

But even with this said—and with the underlying allegiance to leftist causes highlighted—Planned Parenthood now needs to explain the origin of the $25 thousand they donated to change the Anchorage city code.

Was it part of the nearly $500 million in taxpayer funds Planned Parenthood received from the federal government last year?

If it was, that means the same abortion mammoth which taxpayers are forced to subsidize is, in turn, serving as a secondhand dispenser of government funding for causes near and dear to the hearts of leftists throughout the United States (and the world over).

When the Obama administration gives money to Planned Parenthood, it seems to do so understanding that Planned Parenthood is going to dump some of that funding into pet causes, like the re-definition of marriage or the re-ordering of sexual norms.

Sounds lucrative for Planned Parenthood, but bad for the American tax-payer and even worse for the American family.

Steven Aden

Steven H. Aden is senior counsel and director of life alliances for Alliance Defending Freedom.