Steven Aden

It bears repeating that Plan B is a double dose of a drug that is ordinarily available only by a doctor’s prescription – that is, the common birth control pill. Abortion advocates like the Center for Reproductive Rights have done their worst to get Plan B available to all girls of whatever age, regardless of the obvious consequences to their emotional and physical health (as a result of enabling sexual activity before they are physically and emotionally mature enough to handle it in a committed relationship).

The reasons birth control is only available by a doctor’s order are many, and include the need to screen for sexually transmitted infection, to monitor adverse reactions, and to counsel young girls against high-risk sexual behavior.

A young girl who knows she has three days after intercourse to get Plan B at the CVS on the way home from school, without having to go through her family doctor or Planned Parenthood, is very likely to avail herself of the opportunity. And that goes double for the adult male who may be abusing her. The consequences for her health could be permanent and devastating.

But what does her health matter to Planned Parenthood in the long run? After all, this has never been about “women’s health.” Rather, it’s always been about abortion.

Steven Aden

Steven H. Aden is senior counsel and director of life alliances for Alliance Defending Freedom.