Steven Aden

Should the topic of sex education be raised, Planned Parenthood advises its supporters to confidently agree that parents should be educating their children about sex. Then, however, the conversation is to be turned to how most parents put off talking about sexual topics to their children in a timely manner – which according to Planned Parenthood should be in pre-kindergarten – and that’s why it’s necessary for others to step in and do the parenting.

After all, as Planned Parenthood advises—confidently and without any shame—you should simply tell your family members, “We need to make sure all kids get this information that could save their lives.”

Planned Parenthood’s idea of a merry Christmas is one in which family discussions are micromanaged to never focus on when the child in the manger became “a viable life” or how abortions end with tiny dead bodies being thrown into trash sacks, cardboard boxes, and dumpsters—not to mention the impact abortions have on the women themselves. (Such a Christmas closely resembles Herod's, the ruler who determined to greet the coming of the King of Peace by slaughtering innocents.)

Perhaps the most encouraging aspect of these talking points is the fact that they had to be issued in the first place. Seriously—since when has Planned Parenthood had to worry about their image?

The tide is turning, friends. And this Christmas, as you have your cup of cheer and celebrate Christ’s birth in accordance with the traditions your family follows, don’t be shamed into letting go of this one simple truth: every innocent life has value, not just the ones Planned Parenthood didn’t have a chance to kill.

Steven Aden

Steven H. Aden is senior counsel and director of life alliances for Alliance Defending Freedom.