Steve Hunt

While supporting an Air Force contract, I did some out-years projection analysis on the aging tanker issue. Those out-years are just about here and the tanker of the future is still years from rolling out of a hanger. A procurement selection has been made by the USAF. Unfortunately, it is one that potentially puts our national security at risk.

The foremost responsibility of our Federal Government and the primary mission of the Department of Defense is the security of our nation. And they are on the verge of a decision that will potentially give leverage over our national security for the next 50 years to nations that have ranged from mildly unfriendly to hostile.

There must be a better solution. The new tanker needs to be designed, built and re-supplied domestically – no airframes or airframe parts shipped from overseas. Do what it takes to make that happen here in the U.S.

This is not just a trade issue. It should not be a means to improve relations with Europe. This is a strategic decision that is going to be with us for a long time, one that has been fiddled with for far too long. The USAF needs a new tanker, they needed it yesterday and it needs to be designed and built at home.

Steve Hunt

Steve Hunt is a Top Gun graduate and retired Naval Flight Officer.
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