Steve DiMatteo

These are the things consistently used as legitimate ammunition against the Republican Party. Eliminating them from the equation turns the focus to plausible economic recovery and, perhaps, a discourse on how to really reform health care in the United States.

This isn’t to say there aren’t logistical nightmares to consider. Candidates often base huge portions of their campaigns around these issues, whether it’s a tough stance on drugs or being unabashedly pro-life. In some cases, these are ingrained viewpoints that may seem impossible to overcome.

But, in terms a Republican can surely understand and appreciate, all of this requires just a little leap of faith.

Or just a candidate who gets it.

The Tea Party can be the champions for whatever moral code deemed fit for saving, but the current landscape of American attitudes toward many social issues suggests that a truly secular candidate is exactly what is needed.

This will read like a championing for the libertarians and, to a degree, it is. But not to that moderate extreme.

There is a happy middle ground for the Republicans, which should be sought out in this time of nearly unprecedented political opportunity. Since 2008, conservatives have been lying in wait for the real Obama Administration to be outed in a way that would actually put the entire country on notice, and it was served up on a silver platter with the Obamacare rollout.

The Democrats themselves may be the reason for their own undoing in 2014 and beyond, but it’s up to the more socially progressive, enlightened Republicans to begin a movement to truly regain the country’s support and restore economic freedom to the United States.

Steve DiMatteo

Steve DiMatteo is a freelance writer and proud Ohio Bobcat from Cleveland, Ohio. You can get a full dose of him on a daily basis on Twitter @steve_dimatteo.