Steve Deace

Posted April 26, 2014

The 5th of the 10 Commandments of Political Warfare says to reverse the premise of the Left’s argument and use it against them.

Posted April 19, 2014

The 4th of the 10 Commandments of Political Warfare says for too long conservatives have been doing their enemies’ work for them.

Posted April 12, 2014

Commandment #3 of the 10 Commandments of Political Warfare. Whichever side’s premise gets argued wins the argument.

Posted April 05, 2014

The second of the 10 Commandments of Political Warfare says you can only win in politics once you finish off your opponent for good. If you’re too squeamish to do that, then you don’t have what it takes to win.

Posted March 29, 2014

The first of my 10 commandments of political warfare. Stop supporting those who claim to be on your side but keep scoring goals for the other team.

Posted March 22, 2014

We cannot defeat the Left unless we know who the Left really is, and how the Left really works. Do you know? Does your fellow patriot know? What are the four pillars of the Leftist Marxist Statist movement in America?

Posted March 15, 2014

The Left has its battle plan, Saul Alinksy’s infamous Rules for Radicals, now the good guys have there’s.

Posted March 01, 2014

If the GOP will not defend the religious freedoms of its base, then it will suffer the same cataclysmic fate as that base.

Posted February 22, 2014

Despite the fact I’m a frequent conservative critic of the current Republican Party, I actually think the answer to that question is “yes” if we follow three simple steps.

Posted February 15, 2014

Both sides of America’s culture war now have their two heroes: Mike Sam vs. Tim Tebow. But what if both sides might actually be hurting their own cause?

Posted February 08, 2014

Nye hoped his showdown with creationist Ken Ham would settle the debate of human origins, but all his answers really did was prompt even more questions.

Posted February 01, 2014

If the president of these United States were honest and really cared about the future of the country, this is what he would’ve said instead on Tuesday night.

Posted January 25, 2014

Why the Texas Senator is in the best position to capture the GOP nomination in 2016, provided he keeps doing what made him an overnight sensation in the first place.

Posted January 18, 2014

Why it might be harder for the likable former Arkansas governor to win the Republican nomination then the general election in 2016.

Posted January 11, 2014

Rand Paul and the liberty movement needs to decide if they want power and mainstream acceptance or to transform America, because recent history shows they can’t do both.

Posted December 28, 2013

Predicting what will be the top 10 stories of 2014, including politics, pop culture, sports, and national security.

Posted December 21, 2013

After the firing of Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson for being a Bible-believing Christian, liberty-loving patriots are looking for a way to fight back against a culture drowning in political correctness.

Posted December 07, 2013

Recent events sadly show just how narccisistic and self-loathing our culture is becoming.

Posted November 30, 2013

Our government’s Faustian bargain with the Ayatollahs in Iran has put our most important ally in a no-win scenario.

Posted November 23, 2013

A white candidate in Houston successfully uses the Democrats’ race-baiting playbook against them to win public office.