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“I asked him about his ‘let the states decide on marriage’ stance, and how we can stand by that when we have federal judges attempting to overturn our state marriage amendments across the country,” Demastus said. “He told me he didn’t think this was an issue that can be won legally, and that we may need to just do our own marriage thing in the church building.”

Demastus said he thought Rand’s answer was “retreatist.”

“It sounded to me like ‘let’s just retreat back to our churches and make our last stand there’ like the Alamo, and I just don’t agree with that philosophy at all. Rand was giving us a plan that just can’t be worked out in the real world, especially with our religious liberty under attack. When I asked him about that he pushed back against me, and never really answered my question. I don’t think he’s worked some of this stuff out yet to its ultimate conclusion. I’m a pastor of a modest church in Des Moines, so if I can ask him questions like this that stump him, what happens when he gets out on a national stage?”

Demastus also said that Paul did promise “to issue an executive order rescinding IRS regulations restricting what pastors can say and I do appreciate that.”

There is one key thing which Demastus whole-heartedly agrees with Paul.

“Rand is attempting to unite us with his movement to defeat a common enemy and I like that,” Demastus said. “I not only agree with him, but I think it’s an imperative. There’s no hope if we don’t do that, except the common enemy isn’t just Democrats. It’s whoever is against freedom no matter what party they’re in.”

Demastus says this time around he’s looking for someone that can unite enough limited government advocates and social conservatives to win the nomination, but he’s unsure Rand Paul is the right champion.

“If Ted Cruz is in the race I’d probably prefer him,” Demastus said. “I’ve met with Ted and listened to him, and he seems like the only guy who takes the stage without worrying about his political posturing. He can articulate what it means to be a conservative as well as just about anybody I can remember. He’s just as comfortable talking to us as he is talking to more liberty-minded groups. I think Cruz may be the superior guy to actually unite those two camps because he’s the better communicator.”

Steve Deace

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