Steve Deace

The time for venting, blogging, and hand-wringing has come to an end. The time for action has come. Better yet, it’s time for some faith with works.

We lack a plan for how to do what we actually believe. After he read my column on the firing of Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame for being a Bible-believing Christian, my friend Todd Friel of Wretched Radio challenged me to come up with just such a plan. How do we take a righteous stand against unrighteousness, and maintain our integrity as opposed to lowering ourselves to the tolerance mob’s standard at the same time? This is my best attempt at formulating a plan that does exactly that.

1. Pray for your enemies harder than you ever have before.

Whenever I attend a “Pastors and Pews” event hosted by evangelical activist David Lane, I am impressed that it always begins by corporately praying for our leaders—regardless of party and belief system. Prayer doesn’t just spur God to action, but it softens our hearts as well. We will not win this fight by being more self-righteous than our opposition. We will only win this through a holy mixture of humility, boldness, transparency, and mercy. We cannot utilize those at-times contradictory impulses simultaneously in our own strength. That’s why we need to pray.

2. Guard your own integrity.

Nobody likes a hypocrite. Can we live up to the same standard in our own lives that we’re verbalizing? Of course we can’t, that’s why we (all) need a savior. The standard is not what we think. The standard is what Christ thinks, and while he calls us to purity he also offers grace and forgiveness for when we fall. So be honest about when you fall, share your struggles with those around you, and let them see the Christ in you more than they see you. Remember, therefore by the grace of God go I. None of us are righteous. We become Christians because we recognize we are sinners. Even if you were a virgin when you got married, if you even thought lustfully about another person prior to that Christ says you’re guilty of sin in your heart. Homosexuality is not some super-sin there is no forgiveness for. The only super-sin is rejecting Christ’s forgiveness when it’s offered.

3. Love people enough to tell them the truth.

Steve Deace

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