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It would be tough enough to ask the Israelis to trust such a Faustian bargain with the Ayatollahs who have their eradication in their own constitution under the best of circumstances, but if they really believed we had their back as we always have they might be willing to give this process a chance and see it through to avoid war. However, the Israelis would be fools to believe we have their back, and they know we don’t which is why they don’t trust the process.

Would you believe an American foreign policy that leaves its own soldiers and diplomats for dead in Libya, and then lies about it?

Would you believe an American foreign policy that treats each of its own citizens as a potential terrorist, so it spies on them?

Would you believe an American foreign policy that says “we are no longer a Christian nation” in Egypt, but then praises “the holy Qur’an” in the same speech to the same audience?

Would you believe an American foreign policy that gives rise to the Muslim Brotherhood, and then publicly condemns the freedom fighters on the streets of Cairo who want to be rid of these Jihadist oppressors?

Would you believe an American foreign policy that once praised Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad for providing “the road to peace” according to Nancy Pelosi, and was being wined and dined by Secretary Kerry, but then after years of allowing him to brutalize his own people wants American soldiers to fight him alongside Al-Qaeda of all people in a Syrian civil war?

Of course you wouldn’t trust these people if you were Netanyahu, and it’s obvious he doesn’t trust them, either. So that leaves Netanyahu with essentially two options. The bad option and the really bad option.

The bad option is to unilaterally strike Iran militarily, and hope that doesn’t spark all-out war in the Middle East by bringing Arab forces that do not like and trust the Iranians to their aid in order to fight their mutual enemy—the Israelis. Essentially the Israelis would be gambling somebody like Saudi Arabia, which doesn’t want a nuclear Iran any more than the Israelis do, would stay out of it. That’s a big gamble.

However, an even bigger gamble would be doing nothing, watch the Iranians take the money from the American taxpayer and run while laughing all the way to the nearest Uranium enrichment center. And then expect a nation that has been the largest sponsor of terrorism in the world for a generation, and is a haven for Islamic radicalism, will just be content to have weapons of mass destruction and not use them.

If you were Benjamin Netanyahu which would you decide? This is a true Kobayashi Maru for the Israelis. A real no-win scenario. There are a lot of men in the world I’d like to trade places with.

Benjamin Netanyahu is not one of them.

Another man I would not trade places with right now is American pastor Saeed Abedini, who continues to be held in one of the worst prisons in the world by the Iranian government for evangelizing. President Obama did mention Abedini in his recent direct interaction with the Iranians, but sadly securing Abedini’s release is not part of this deal. It’s hard to believe $7 billion in American taxpayer dollars is not enough to buy Abedini’s freedom.

But he wouldn’t be the first American left behind in the Middle East by the Obama Regime, would he?

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem? “May they be secure who love you.”
Psalm 122:6

Steve Deace

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