Steve Deace

7. Things were said that are normally never said in the stodgy and cronyist U.S. Senate, but they were things that summed up the frustration the American people have felt about their government for years and years. Whether it’s Cruz comparing phony symbolic votes to rigged outcomes like in pro wrestling, pointing out just how little many of our employees actually listen to us, or telling Reid he “would not yield to the Majority Leader until the Majority Leader yields to the American people,” Cruz channeled the sort of right-of-center populism against government-run-amok that has resulted in every national electoral victory the Republican Party has had since 1980.

8. In case there was still any doubt, we’ve learned that there is a definite difference between “conservative media” and “Republican media.” Those spewing establishment cop-out propaganda disguised as analysis are way past retirement.

9. The Republican Party establishment is no more a monolithic mass of sameness than is the grassroots. We have learned there are two establishments – the political hack establishment and the ruling class establishment. The political hack establishment still responds when their survival instinct kicks in (see House leadership last week caving to us and voting to defund Obamacare). However, the ruling class establishment will never respond to a grassroots they see as mere plebeians, but will instead just sneer at us all the more. They will only respond to their extinction. I say we oblige them.

10. Why is the mainstream media hemorrhaging audience share and relevance? It’s not even liberal bias, because plenty of liberals aren’t consuming their product, either. It’s really their unwillingness to see these debates as anything other than personality-driven horse race politics. They’re incapable of taking anything seriously other than themselves. They reduce vitally important controversies impacting every person and family in the country to petty, cliquish schoolhouse battles over who’s on the Homecoming parade float. Frankly, bloggers on both sides of the divide routinely provide more substantive coverage of these debates than the traditional media does.

And here’s a bonus lesson learned. The GOP ruling class that hates him is ironically putting Cruz on a path to the White House.

Steve Deace

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