Steve Deace

Some claim these undocumented Democrats are a necessary component of our free enterprise system, but in reality they’re a drain on the system. It costs much more to import these undocumented Democrats, and all the unconstitutional government they vote for, than they actually pay in.

These undocumented Democrats act as if they have a claim on our money and property, and that if they are allowed to exist in Washington long enough, it means they ought to be allowed to live there on our dime permanently. They play the victim card if you try to hold them accountable for their crimes. They have an entire lobby in the media that seeks to protect them from accountability.

These undocumented Democrats are the least educated among us when it comes to common sense, basic reality, and our founding principles. In fact, these undocumented Democrats don’t hold our founding principles in high esteem, but rather work with normalized Democrats to undermine them all the time.

Our Founding Fathers would’ve considered such treacherous acts an invasion, but in our more enlightened day and age they’re called “reasonable” or “evolving” or “trustworthy.” The same elites calling our framers that also describe them as “conservatives” or “right-wingers” so they can redefine what it means to be a citizen patriot.

These undocumented Democrats always lecture the conservative base about the need to add more diversity to the Republican Party, but when groups like the Tea Party promote diversity in the party they are opposed by undocumented Democrats. Undocumented Democrats say we can’t focus on issues like life or marriage because elections are only about jobs and economy. Yet when someone who has proven to be a job creator challenges the Government Party that is killing jobs, these undocumented Democrats close ranks to protect one of their own.

To these undocumented Democrats, if you believe in liberty, limited government, rule of law, and Judeo-Christian morality – and expect the so-called “opposition party” to act accordingly when it says it does as well – then you are the bad guy.

For example, Senator Tom Coburn says if you expect him to honor his oath of office to do whatever he can to stop the budget-crushing (family and federal) and anti-Constitutional Obamacare, you’re “destroying the Republican Party.” Because apparently Senator Coburn’s oath of office was to protect the self-interests of the Republican Party, not uphold and defend the U.S. Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic.

Congressman Tom Cole says he’d rather permit the implementation of Obamacare, arguably the biggest infringement on religious liberty and promotion of child killing in American history, rather than “risk the crown jewel” of GOP control of the House of Representatives. Because apparently it’s more important to control a body less popular than root canals and cockroaches than it is to preserve the last, best hope for freedom in human history.

Now, let’s make sure not to trivialize what we’re talking about here. Nobody’s perfect, therefore even the best of Republicans have their blind spots. We’re looking for consistency here, both good and bad, to have the right perspective in evaluating friends and enemies. Some undocumented Democrats are easy to spot, but others “live in the shadows.” Here are four ways to identity if your Republican is really an undocumented Democrat occupying your party illegally:

1) They consistently vote for the right thing when it’s easy, but then don’t do the right thing when it’s hard. 2) Their lead argument for your vote is not where they stand on the issues, but where they stand in the polls. 3) They brag about their friendships on the other side of the aisle, and are more comfortable spending Sunday mornings with George Stephanopoulos than a local church (when they’re not asked to speak) back home. 4) When you contact them to urge them to do the right thing, they explain to you that doing the right thing is more irresponsible and dangerous than $17 trillion in debt, and allowing unelected judges to disenfranchise millions of voters with their anti-Constitutional edicts.

Since these undocumented Democrats are coming here for a job, the only way to be rid of them is to remove their incentive for coming here in the first place. That means we need to begin replacing all of them in primaries, and then refuse to incentivize them in the general election with what amounts to amnesty. Even if you make them go to the back of the line for your vote, you’re still rewarding them with the object of their crime.

You’re not voting for “the lesser of two evils.” A bad Republican is not better than a good Democrat, but rather we’ve learned they’re one in the same. Your bad Republican is really an undocumented Democrat. If you amnesty him with the power of incumbency, it will be even tougher to replace him with a true citizen patriot later on (see the current Republican “leadership” team in the House of Representatives and U.S. Senate for examples). Once amnestied, it takes extraordinary circumstances to deport an undocumented Democrat.

Amnesty these undocumented Democrats now and you’ll have to amnesty even more undocumented Democrats later. Infiltrators breed infiltrators. These undocumented Democrats are a fertile bunch.

We’re still paying for the Reagan Amnesty of the Bush family (and their acolytes like Karl Rove) back in the 1980s.

Steve Deace

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