Steve Deace

· How did you pick your committee? Who wrote your report? How much say do big donors get in those decisions compared to the Republican grassroots? Should we in the grassroots take the lack of our presence in compiling this report to me you’re really beholden to big money interests that don’t believe in the party platform? Are you merely a puppet for the party establishment?

· Along with abandoning social conservatives, why was the emerging liberty/youth movement inspired by Ron Paul not mentioned as vital to the party’s future? It’s been about the only faction of the party successfully bringing new and young voters into the fold. Why wouldn’t you publicly embrace them, or try and emulate what they’re already doing well?

· Why are you allowing the same consultants that led us to defeat in 2008 and 2012 to continue to bill the party for their hapless advice.

· Why should we believe you finally mean it when you say we have to compete for the black and Hispanic vote, when all the same people that have been saying that for years have done nothing to do so?

· If you want to add diversity to the party, shouldn’t you empower the Tea Party and the grassroots that’s recruited candidates like Allen West, Ted Cruz, and Marco Rubio rather than continuing this top-down establishment oligarchy?

· Why does the RNC want to end caucuses/conventions and let low information voters pick the nominee of their party instead? In other words, why does the party want to eliminate the process more likely to produce candidates in line with the party platform, and instead go with a process more likely to produce the candidates that can buy primaries with Karl Rove’s money?

· Why no mention of the tremendous damage done to party unity during the needless rules fight launched at last year’s convention by the Romney campaign? Are you considering Morton Blackwell’s amendment designed to restore unity? Are you supporting it?

· If you want to control presidential debates, does that also mean stacking the deck with questions geared towards what big money donors and their RINO proxies care about as well?

· There is a reference to “gay Americans” in the report, but why no reference to reaching out to “evangelical Americans” or “Catholic Americans” since fewer of them voted for Romney than voted for McCain, and there’s a lot more of those voters than the 2% that makes up the homosexual population. Why no reference to reaching the at least 7 million white voters that abandoned you in the last election for that matter?

· Can you point to one thing in this report that actually empowers the base of your party? One single thing?

· Are you tired of losing elections yet?

Steve Deace

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