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See, for me this is about principles. A good friend of mine who is a national leader in the pro-life movement told me after the debate Wednesday night, “I never thought I’d be cheering on Romney.” I told him, “You’re not cheering on Romney. You’re cheering on our principles because Romney finally decided to run on them.”

Most of us become Republicans because of the principles in the party platform, and we recognize that those who don’t are usually the worst Republicans. After this debate, I sensed conservatives more united than we had been since the Scott Walker recall. That’s because principles unite us, while tactical obfuscation and “architect” electioneering divides us. The party establishment thinks we want their candidates to be perfect, when really all we want them to be is Republicans.

This was different than Romney’s well-chronicled and convenient etch-a-sketches in Republican primaries the past two election cycles on issues conservatives care deeply about. This was a candidate going on a national stage and doing what John McCain, George W. Bush, and Bob Dole were either incapable of doing or unwilling to. This was a guy willing to draw some stark worldview differences between himself and his Democrat opponent, while pointing out exactly why his Democrat opponent failed.

Remember when McCain-Palin spent four total debates four years ago never challenging the Democrat meme that free market economics is what led to the banking crisis? Remember how you got so mad you wanted to dislodge your own eyeball without anesthetic out of frustration? Remember screaming at the television set, begging and pleading the GOP ticket to actually defend what you believe for once?

Wednesday night our pleas were answered from an unlikely source, but at this point I’ll take it where I can get it. You can tell Romney was effective because the Left is claiming he transformed himself into a moderate to defeat Obama. No, we’ve seen Romney as a moderate. It’s called the 2012 Republican presidential primary. And we’ve seen Republican presidential candidates running as moderates, and we all have the collective scars to prove it.

This was Romney finally throwing caution (and hopefully his incestuous batch of defeatist consultants) to the wind and proving once for all that unlike McCain he’s willing to do what it takes to become president. What it takes is drawing stark distinctions between Republicans and Democrats and meaning it. When voters see stark distinctions between Republicans and Democrats, Republicans win. When voters don’t, Democrats do.

Conservatism works every time it’s tried.

Now that Romney has gone from sprinkling to full immersion conservative baptism under fire, let’s see if he follows through the final four weeks of the campaign. If he does, then for the first time I believe he could actually become the next President of the United States, and Republicans down ballot all over the country will benefit on November 6th.

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Steve Deace

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