Steve Deace

In Iowa, those of us who worked hard to fight for our freedom in that historic 2010 election have sadly seen most of the gains we made at the ballot box eliminated by some of the very same people like Branstad we voted into office. Instead of change, we got more of the same, and no substantive difference between what we voted out and what we voted in.

But at least we got the warm fuzzy of knowing we helped Team Republican beat Team Democrat, for whatever that’s worth. I’ll let those of you reading this ponder that while I get back to playing the fiddle as the republic burns.

In the meantime, let me know if you’re seeing the sort of progress from the new Republican leadership in your state you were hoping for coming off the momentum of 2010. Are they actively working to slash the size of government? Are they defending your freedoms and liberties? Are they taking a stand for morality? Are they working to undo decades of advances by the Left?

After all, what’s the point of returning power back to the states if the Republican state governments we just elected act as if they are essentially powerless against the Feds and the welfare state?

Feel free to email me at My prayer is that the Republican election nullification currently happening in my state and what previously happened to pro-lifers in Oklahoma is not being repeated elsewhere. I’m hoping Governor Branstad is the last of a dying breed of technocrat dinosaurs, and not just more of the same Republicrats this country can’t afford.

Steve Deace

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