Steve Deace

2. Fox News exit polling had almost 20% of Obama voters voting for Walker. That’s more good news for conservatives. If Obama is re-elected this fall, it’s 100% Romney and the Republican establishment’s fault. We’ll have every justification to haul these people off to the gallows in 2014 and 2016 primaries.

1. The quad-towers of the Left’s welfare-state power base are government education, public sector employee unions, the homosexual lobby, and the child killing industry. Since Walker ended mandatory union dues in Wisconsin, approximately 40,000 workers have opted out. To give you an idea of why the public sector employee unions have been so adamant about getting rid of Walker, you need to run the numbers here.

For example, teachers in Green Bay pay an average of $834 in annual union dues. Some union dues for healthcare workers in Wisconsin average $192 annually. Let’s say all 40,000 folks who have opted out of mandatory union dues in Wisconsin were only paying $100/year. That’s potentially $4 million dollars the unions don’t have at their disposal.

Do you know how much damage you can do politically in a state like Wisconsin with $4 million? You can probably buy at least one chamber of the legislature for that. Now imagine they all paid $500/annually. That’s $20 million! I wonder if all of Romney’s 2012 presidential rivals spent that much during the last primary cycle combined.

Walker is the first Republican anywhere in this country to successfully dismantle one of the legs of the Left’s stool in many years. In fact, since Reagan I can’t remember the time Republicans even seriously threatened them at this level. Walker isn’t just slowing the rate of Leftist growth, as most Republicans seem to aspire to or settle for, he’s thwarting it. Right now in Louisiana, Governor Bobby Jindal is attempting to do the same by going after education.

We need to do everything we can to support Republicans like Walker and Jindal when they show this kind of leadership, and not just lip service.

Steve Deace

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