Steve Deace

The American people have on one hand determined they should not stigmatize those practicing homosexuality more or different than they would those immersed in adultery or pornography with consenting adults—thanks mainly to the case the homosexual movement has made that this is hypocrisy (and I agree with them that it is). And about the worst thing to be in today’s “tolerant” culture is a hypocrite.

On the other hand, the American people clearly are not ready to normalize homosexual relationships to the point of affirmation or on an equal footing with marriage itself, which explains the 32 election results on the record we have on the issue. I may not be the long, lost son of Lee Atwater, but even I’m smart enough to recognize a trend after 32 consecutive elections when I see one.

Especially when that trend crosses geographical and party lines.

A majority of the American people seem to be drawing the same distinction with homosexuality they have drawn with drugs. They’re fine with de-criminalizing (or de-stigmatizing) marijuana, but they’re also not in favor of outright legalization (affirmation) of narcotics. Many of the Americans who have voted to affirm marriage and not homosexuality still think Ellen and Modern Family are funny, but they’re also not ready to affirm that behavior as normal or preferable.

The same can be said of adultery and premarital sex. Lots of moral traditionalists have for years watched television shows that include characters, even the good guys, engaging in premarital sex or adultery. This may de-sensitize them on an individual level, but after the show is over they don’t tell their children to model that behavior, or want the government schools teaching their kids how to become better adulterers or fornicators.

Furthermore, have you ever noticed that homosexual behavior itself is still not widely portrayed in mainstream pop culture? For example, how often do you see two dudes making out on network television, or two guys waking up next to each other the next morning naked under the sheets like you do heterosexual couples? Why is that? The answer is simple: while the American people have de-stigmatized those practicing homosexual behavior, they have not de-stigmatized or affirmed the behavior itself.

This explains why pop culture propagandists always make sure the well-adjusted, wise, and well-liked characters in movies and television are those ensnared by homosexuality. They know on a base level most Americans still view the behavior itself on a spectrum ranging from bizarre to repulsive, so homosexuals are depicted much more than homosexuality is.

But what about those polls that show young people will just affirm homosexual relationships as normal when it’s their turn to run the culture?

Granted, thanks to Christians allowing the Left unfettered access to indoctrinating the next generation in government schools, the younger generation of Americans is much more affirming of homosexual behavior than perhaps any generation of human beings in human history. However, since at least the 1960s the younger generations have been in favor of legalized drugs and prostitution, and soccer has been the “fastest growing sport” among them as well—but there’s little evidence that any of those things are taking over the mainstream anytime soon.

Once folks grow up and have families of their own the natural tendency throughout human history is they become more conservative/traditional. However, we would be wise to not completely count on that with the younger generation, and instead realize right now we have a window to undo the damage done by unchallenged indoctrination and propaganda before it’s too late.

Time is running out on the Left as well.

If Obama loses this election, his willingness to – as Franklin Graham put it – shake his fist at God will be one of the main reasons why. Ironically, Mitt Romney was one of the most pro-homosexual governors in the nation when he was in Massachusetts, but thanks to Obama becoming the “first gay president” according to Newsweek, this is the issue that has given him his first real momentum of the general election campaign.

This could be Romney’s “John McCain moment.” Remember late in the 2008 campaign when lame duck George W. Bush made a decision to “suspend free market principles in order to save the free market?” Had Maverick McCain suspended his campaign to fight the unconstitutional scam known as TARP, which pollster Scott Rasmussen says remains the most unpopular legislation in recent American political history, he would’ve defeated Obama and won the presidency. Instead, the little ball of hate suspended his campaign to aid and abet the larceny, and ended up getting trounced.

Likewise, if Romney shows he’s able to actually keep a defined moral standard in a political campaign for the next few months, he will successfully rally his base and greatly improve his chances of beating Obama. If he does not, he will likely lose at least as bad as McCain did. So far, he’s not off to a good start in that regard.

Already Romney came out for homosexuals being allowed to adopt children, and his campaign spokesperson labeled those who believe in Biblical morality as “voices of intolerance.” Can you imagine a debate this fall when Romney tries to defend being for homosexuals having families but not getting married? That could be depressing to watch. Still, Obama and his minions have driven this issue so far left not even the human “etch-a-sketch” has been able to catch up.

Because of that, we are playing offense nationally on this issue for the first time in several years. The Left has realized they will not win this issue anywhere except at the U.S. Supreme Court, and their ultimate gameplan is to create the homosexual equivalent to Roe v. Wade.

Unless we start supporting candidates at the state and federal level who believe in the “Laws of Nature and Nature’s God,” understand what our Founding Fathers meant by terms like “interposition,” and have the courage to stand up to unelected judges who arrogantly think they and not the will of the people ultimately rule in our constitutional republic, the Left may get exactly what it wants—effectively nullifying all 32 elections we’ve won.

Steve Deace

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