Steve Deace

So how did Judd pull it off? Well, it certainly wasn’t his grassroots organization, which consisted of just his mugshot on his campaign website. According to several media reports, Judd was the recipient of an anti-Obama protest vote in a state with a Democrat governor where Obama’s approval rating is hovering around 33%.

Why is Obama so unpopular in a state that until recently was staunchly Democrat? The state’s top two Democrats have openly clashed with Obama’s EPA for what they view as its heavy-handed environmental policies that have cost the blue collar state much-needed jobs in the coal industry.

And they’re not alone.

Lots of blue collar folks voted for Obama four years ago, believing he would be their working class Obamessiah, and all they have to show for it four years later is an unemployment claim and a lousy t-shirt—or in Judd’s case an orange jumpsuit. On the other hand, the president and his minions made sure your tax dollars continued to go to the child-killing industry, even if it meant shutting down the government to make it so.

So if you’re an unemployed blue collar worker in West Virginia, or any place else for that matter, it’s obvious – based on their priorities – your family having food on your table is not nearly as important to the Left as killing your unborn children is. Sometimes it seems as if these folks are infatuated with killing – both jobs and babies.

This is where Judd comes in.

The biggest problem Romney has in beating Obama this fall is, well, Romney. He just can’t resist the temptation to remind us he stands for nothing. That’s why putting Judd on the ticket to channel all of that anti-Obama angst is perfect strategery. There aren’t enough people willing to vote for Romney, but there are plenty of people willing to vote against Obama.

Judd, as an imprisoned extortionist, is the perfect symbol for that. After all, many Americans already feel imprisoned by the Obama Regime’s attempts to extort them with their own money as it is.

Judd has already proven the ability to get a lot of cross-over Democrat votes as well. If he can get over 72,000 votes from prison, imagine what Judd could do if he was unleashed on the campaign trail. When you consider the miniscule amount of resources (cigarettes) he invested to get this many votes, it’s possible Judd might be the most efficient presidential candidate in American political history.

Plus, he’s got a real suave ponytail in his mugshot. Combine that awesomeness with a wife-beater and Romney could scare America straight by warning us this is what America will look like if Obama gets another four years.

Steve Deace

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