Steve Deace

The most popular candidate running for president this cycle is “Not Obama” if you look at all the polling out there. Running as “Not Obama” rallies a conservative base not all that enamored with the prospect of replacing Obama with Human Events’ #8 RINO of 2005. Running as “Not Obama” doesn’t remind independents that Romney has an elevator for his cars more expensive than most of their homes.

Running as “Not Obama” sounds chic and cool, when the Mitt Romney we now know is all the lame of Bob Dole plus the flip-flopping integrity of John Kerry.

From Obama acolytes like Hilary Rosen attacking motherhood, to the vile anti-Christian potty mouth of the aptly named Dan Savage, the best thing the Republicans have going for them is the President’s abysmal economic record and his appalling associates. Any discussion of the merits of Romney, short-lived as that discussion may be, is just an unnecessary diversion from the true goal of evicting Obama from the White House.

Want to take Mormonism off the table, but focus the American people’s attention solely on Obama’s anti-American Marxist mentor Jeremiah Wright? Want to rally the American people against unpopular Obamacare, but concerned its predecessor Romneycare makes us look like hypocrites? Want to avoid criticism Romney has no principles, but remind the American people Obama has all the wrong ones?

It’s as easy as these two steps.

If the Republican Party’s aforementioned analysis is correct, it’s our only hope. Take Romney completely off the table, and pry the etch-a-sketch from his cold, dead fingers. Fire all the consultants (heck, these overpaid fools should all be fired anyway). Find a rock somewhere in one of Romney’s five home states to bury him under for the next six months. If that doesn’t work, bribe him with a six-month pilgrimage that retraces the Osmond’s historic rise to pop culture icons. A BYU grad can no more turn down a chance to visit the Osmond’s original home in Ogden than a Southern Baptist can turn down a trip to Graceland.

Do whatever it takes, because there’s too much at stake to risk this pivotal election on the guy that lost to the guy that lost to Obama four years ago.

We may need to save Romney (and thus ourselves) from himself. It might be the only way to truly have a national referendum on the failure of the Obama Regime this fall, and avoid a down ballot disaster for conservatives. The American people seem to want anybody but Obama or Romney this fall, so I say we give them exactly what they want. Voters did a fine job rejecting Obama on their own in the 2010 mid-term election, so if it ain’t broke why fix it?

Give them “Not Obama” to rally behind again in 2012.

Steve Deace

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