Steve Deace

5.) When there are disappointing stories such as the one currently making the rounds about Cain, should I first seek the objective truth as a Christian, or instead just blindly assume it’s the liberal media ought to get another perfectly innocent Republican?

6.) Do only Democrat politicians like John Edwards and Bill Clinton succumb to their base urges?

7.) Why is it that loyalty to the conservative cause is more about defending candidates/personalities and the Republican Party than advancing issues and adherence to the Constitution?

8.) How can someone be “pro life with exceptions?” After all, if you believe some human lives are not worthy of protecting given the circumstances of their conception, aren’t you essentially arguing the premise of the pro-baby murder position? Therefore, shouldn’t “pro-life with exceptions” really be labeled “pro-abortion with exceptions?”

9.) Why did Michele Bachmann essentially do everything wrong after winning the important Iowa Straw Poll in August, and does she have time to get back on track?

10.) Rick Santorum is the only candidate in the race to beat an incumbent Democrat in an election, and also be on the right side of key issues like opposition to TARP, life, marriage, and a peace through strength foreign policy. So why is he still languishing in the single digits in all the polls?

11.) Will Newt Gingrich’s attempt to reboot his campaign with a substantive discussion on the issues pay off?

12.) Will Ron Paul winning almost every straw poll under the sun will that translate to success at the ballot box?

13.)Are there any prominent endorsements like Sarah Palin and Mike Huckabee that could make a big impact on the race?

With the race so fluid, anything can happen—and it already has. For example, who would’ve predicted two months ago that Gingrich would be ahead of Perry in the polls? If you’re tired of media-anointed frontrunners and consultant-concocted candidates, this is your election. Since the race is so wide-open, it will encourage the candidates to get even bolder on the issues and the campaign trail.

Steve Deace

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