Steve Deace

4.)Iowa conservatives wonder what possessed Rick Santorum to endorse RINOs like Arlen Specter and Christie Todd Whitman, but they also seem him as the rare candidate in this race willing to stand consistently for Judeo-Christian morality while many of their former standard-bearers join the board of GOProud, or urge the GOP to abandon issues like life and marriage altogether.

So far, no candidate has been willing to accentuate enough of their positives in order to overcome the doubts about their negatives remaining in the minds of Iowa conservatives. As a result, Iowa conservatives would prefer to take the best of each, and create the ideal candidate in Hewt Bachpaulrum.

Those same Iowa Caucus voters who see President Obama’s plummeting poll numbers as the rare opportunity to put a true movement conservative in the White House, don’t want to settle for the man who imposed a mandate on his constituents before Obama did. Nonetheless, that will be exactly what they’ll get unless one of the candidates who makes up the Hewt Bachpaulrum composite sketch is able to separate themselves from the rest of the pack by showing they have what it takes to take on Romney and then, ultimately, Obama.

Hewt Bachpaulrum is a fantasy, but missing out on the most opportune environment to elect a true movement conservative president of the United States for the first time since 1980 would be a nightmare.

Steve Deace

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