Stephen DeMaura

Unfortunately, Senator Harry Reid and former Speaker Nancy Pelosi have other interests in mind. With one’s position as majority leader hanging perilously in the balance, and the other seeking to regain the speakership, they are in no mood to cross Big Labor who will likely bankroll the campaigns of their members. Needing campaign financial support, Reid and Pelosi have made clear they will side with union bosses and their counter-productive, protectionist policies over the best interests of the American people and our nation’s economy.

As the economy struggles to emerge from the recession and job growth remains anemic, now is not the time for self-inflicted wounds or partisan games. Our economic competitors are strengthening their global trade ties. The United States must do more to expand its multilateral trade deals or else other countries, such as China, will soon be in a position to dictate the rules of global trade.

Now is the time for Congress to push for trade promotion authority, which will allow multilateral agreements to be negotiated under the close supervision of Congress, which will support millions of jobs and help grow our economy. These trade deals are critical to ensuring that American employers gain access to global markets to sell their products. Free commerce is a hallmark of a strong economy and it is time the United States takes its place as the world’s leading trader and most powerful economic force.

Stephen DeMaura

Stephen DeMaura is president of Americans for Job Security.