Stephen DeMaura

While Etihad has announced that it plans to begin service to Los Angeles in June. And more routes should be expected as these airlines have been buying Boeing planes in bulk with the three airlines recently announcing that they collectively purchased 225 planes.

The assistance that these Middle Eastern airlines receive from the United States is ample enough, but in addition to that they are also fully funded by their respective governments. This powerful combination has led to their illustrious rise, so much so that they are now at the point where they are threatening the financial well-being of American airline carriers.

But make no mistake, these companies have not succeeded because they are the better companies, they have only seen so much success as a direct result of the corporate welfare that they have received.

Meanwhile our domestic airline carriers have not been afforded access to the exceptional loans and other special privileges that our government hands out to their foreign competitors. Certainly our federal government should not be in the business of giving out corporate handouts, let alone the subsidization of the direct competitors of one of America’s most important industries.

Congress must put forward a policy to address the current inequities, so that we aren’t assisting in the dismantling of a great U.S. industry. At stake is no less than hundreds of thousands of jobs throughout our country.

Stephen DeMaura

Stephen DeMaura is president of Americans for Job Security.