Star Parker

The head of PhRMA, Billy Tauzin, who negotiated with the administration on behalf of his member drug companies, is a Washington insider poster child. He was a congressman from Louisiana for 25 years who then parlayed his accumulated contacts and influence to get hired to head PhRMA for a reported $2.5 million in compensation.

This is the new way we do business in Washington? How we reform health care? How Washington operators tirelessly protect the interests of citizens and work to preserve a great country? Six months into this Democrat administration, we find that Americans have been duped by a great bait and switch.

We were sold promises of a sparkling new era, stripped down of ideology and influence peddling. What we have gotten is a hyper-ambitious government take over of our economy, driven by left wing ideology, carried out using the most cynical business-as-usual inside Washington influence peddling. And to lend irony to it all, when outraged citizens grasp what is happening and protest, they are accused of disrupting democracy and racism.

To recall the words of economist Herbert Stein, "If something cannot go on forever, it will stop." Hopefully this will stop before we'll need history books to recall the once American dream of freedom and prosperity.

Star Parker

Star Parker is founder and president of CURE, the Center for Urban Renewal and Education, a 501c3 think tank which explores and promotes market based public policy to fight poverty, as well as author of the newly revised Uncle Sam's Plantation: How Big Government Enslaves America's Poor and What We Can do About It.