Star Parker

Why is he not freaked out by government telling parents where they can send their child to school, government determining what that child will learn, and government transmitting to young children in school politically defined values about life, family, and sexual behavior?

And why is Professor Gates not appalled that politicians can huddle in Washington and arbitrarily decide whose property they will tax or take for the purposes of their own political objectives?

The purpose of the press conference where Obama was asked about the incident in Cambridge was about his answering questions regarding the massive government takeover of private American lives he is engineering with his health care proposal. A proposal where government will dictate how we get our health care, what health care we will get, and putting life and death in the hands of bureaucrats.

Christian theologian R.C. Sproul has warned against statism in which "government is viewed not only as the final ruling authority but as the ultimate agency of redemption."

Blacks and all Americans must be concerned about government arbitrarily violating their freedom. Whether on Professor Gates' porch or in Washington, DC.

Star Parker

Star Parker is founder and president of CURE, the Center for Urban Renewal and Education, a 501c3 think tank which explores and promotes market based public policy to fight poverty, as well as author of the newly revised Uncle Sam's Plantation: How Big Government Enslaves America's Poor and What We Can do About It.