Stacy Washington

Wow. Do guns just go off? Did she really just ask that? She then admits she’s totally inexperienced and untrained, which is a travesty on her part for remaining so for at least four years in light of her extended family’s interest in and use of guns! Why not take a firearms safety class and eliminate any of those awful feelings she’s experiencing? Why does Zsofia waste time wondering how her son “found out” about guns? Why not begin to teach him that they are tools, to be used for sport, hunting, and to defend oneself and the lives of innocents. Clearly her son has a healthy interest in saving others and a desire to enjoy doing so in pretend play using weapons. The writer describes intentionally not buying him toy guns only to see him create them out of other found objects as well as shaping them from his food. Good for the little fellow, he’s got a tough road to hoe in teaching his mom a thing or two about childhood ingenuity, but he’s well on his little way.

At this point, I just want to take Zsofia out for coffee to a place with wifi and use the Google to show her statistics on what most impacts the likelihood of a childhood ending in criminality. Societal and familial ills are the culprits in criminality; not having a father present and engaged, growing up poor, unhealthy obsessions with violent video gaming coupled with mental illness. Yup. So far her son seems pretty safe from becoming a murderous thug!

She closes out by stating her resignation to his desire to play this way and talks of sharing facts with little Sam, like “sometimes it’s the unarmed hero that wins the battle”. That’s a load of bollocks. If it’s a battle, it means at least one side is armed. If one side isn’t – that side usually goes down smoking, hard. The sentiment is cute and trite and not worthy of her son. Why not teach him the canard of peace through strength? It’s much healthier, more interesting and factually based.

The chances of my having a cuppa with the writer are pretty slim, so I ask you – please disabuse young mothers in your sphere of their need to eliminate natural reality based play from the lives of their testosterone laden boys. It’s a slap in the face to those that protect us and serve in our armed forces. It’s an insult to those that regularly use weapons for sport, hunting, and implies innate wrongdoing in owning guns. We don’t need anymore of that. Zsofia, learn how to parent that. Oh and Sam? Battle on buddy, battle on.

Stacy Washington

Stacy Washington is host of the “Stacy On The Right” Show on FM NewsTalk 97., a member of the Project 21 National Advisory Council of the National Center for Public Policy Research, and an Emmy Nominated TV personality.