Scott Wheeler

Even the New York Times, which is, as a rule, sympathetic to terrorists, declared that, “the details of how the aid would be used in Gaza remained unclear. Nor was it immediately clear how Mr. Abbas, who has authority in the West Bank but not in Gaza, a would be able to administer it.”

But, according to the Times, “White House officials said the money would be spent on housing, schools, efforts to provide access to drinking water and other health and infrastructure projects.” Of course, with Americans providing all of their financial needs it frees up Hamas’s other money to buy weapons, and also affords them the more sophisticated means by which to smuggle them into the strip; no more raggedy flotilla’s for these terrorists!

Further obscuring American loyalty to her allies, Obama also used the Abbas visit to attack Israel’s blockade, declaring, “there should be some ways of focusing narrowly on arms shipments rather than focusing in a blanket way on stopping everything and then, in a piecemeal way, allowing things into Gaza.”

Even Obama himself acknowledges that supplies still get to the Gazans, but that Israel just searches the incoming vessels to insure that the cargo isn’t going to be used to kill people. Apparently, Obama thinks there is some other magical way to find the weapons among the “humanitarian supplies,” rather than meticulously searching through them. Here’s a novel thought; how about you get no supplies at all until you stop smuggling weapons and murdering innocent civilians?

The Times reports that international aid organizations “working in Gaza have warned of growing hardship. Deprived of raw materials, local industry has been severely damaged, and the Gaza economy has collapsed.” This account seems to suggest that the poor Gazans have absolutely no control over their situation, despite having gone to the polls and freely electing Hamas agents to run Gaza. So, these “poor victims” elected representatives for themselves whose stated objective is to annihilate the Jews. But, we should feel sorry for them anyway.

Obama and his liberal pals here always tell us the most evil crime in the world is racial discrimination. And yet, they take our money and give it to people whose sole objective for their existence is to exterminate a race of people. Welcome to Obama’s world.

I reported before the 2008 election that Obama had been endorsed by Hamas leader Ahmed Yousef, who himself had been a Hamas operative inside the United States for years. He used several aliases, until I confronted him and informed him that I knew who he was. He denied that he worked for Hamas, and then promptly fled the country. Two years later, he turned up in Damascus, Syria as a senior Hamas leader.

President Obama is either completely ignorant of the war Islamic terrorists such as Hamas are waging against us, or worse. Until we know more, I have the unfortunate task of reporting to you that we are now, officially, a state sponsor of terrorism.

Buckley Carlson is a Washington-based political consultant.

Scott Wheeler

Scott Wheeler is executive director of the National Republican Trust PAC. Wheeler is a former television producer, international investigative journalist, and veteran of the U.S. Army infantry.