Scott Wheeler

We have come to know these people well. They are of the same cloth. Takers. Is it not clear they will always put their own self interest above that of their employees, consumers, investors, voters, taxpayers or the nation? For politicians, their interest is raw, unmitigated power; so it is no coincidence that every solution to every problem, including the ones they manufacture (such as the healthcare ‘crisis’) inevitably entails more power for them?

Doubters, consider this: Is there anything Obama and the Democrats have done, is there ONE of their ‘solutions’ that involves less government and grants more liberty for Americans? Indeed, All - not some - give greedy freedom-grabbers more power to control choice, our money, our freedom and our very lives.

There are now good men and women turning up all over our nation to answer the call and run for office that would have previously not considered this unpleasant undertaking. They seek not fame, nor privilege, nor financial advantage. They look upon Service – as they have been formed: It is a DUTY.

Many of the political newcomers have recently left the military and now home, are rising once again to answer America’s call in our necessity... Two such exemplary men who are answering the call are LTC Allen West (US Army (Ret) and Lt. Ilario Pantano, a former U.S. Marine. Both are combat veterans. Both left family and comfort to serve and offer their lives upon the altar of American security, so that others may remain safe and comfortable.

There are others, but these men I know personally. I would trust them with my life. I personally recommend without reservation that you trust them with the future of our country. Both men are proven true in battle. Both have subordinated their careers, their families, indeed their very lives, for our safety and the security of our country. They are both up against entrenched, well funded, relentless and ruthless Democrat opponents. They need our support. We need their election!

These men will speak the truth, - even when it is unpopular. Now it is up to us to decide if we choose our priceless Liberty over an ever tightening noose of government bribes, in exchange for the false ‘safety net’ which strangles liberty in its knotted ropes until it is no more. We can count on these men to serve our Cause and preserve our America. Can they count on us?

I am also new to politics. A year and a half ago I formed the National Republican Trust PAC. Since then, I have felt like the antagonist in an Ayn Rand novel, telling people to send me their money so I can protect them from big government.

I do not hate politics in principal; I do hate what politics has become through lack of attention and cultivation of character necessary to preserve it from corruption. This service is the last thing I would ever choose to do but I undertake it with commitment because the Cause is so vital to all we love.

I dream of the day when I may quietly exit the political arena forever.

For now however, we all have to make tough choices: will we choose rugged independence that is our heritage or will we cling to the fat slavery promised by those who can only delivery bondage.

Scott Wheeler

Scott Wheeler is executive director of the National Republican Trust PAC. Wheeler is a former television producer, international investigative journalist, and veteran of the U.S. Army infantry.