Scott Wheeler

It would seem that the non-Muslim soldiers are in more danger than our Muslim soldiers. We’re now allocating resources to try to protect Muslim soldiers that would be better spend shifting policy to try to prevent any similar incidents from occurring. And of course we will be told that we must recognize the importance of sensitivity to Muslims in the military, after all, many of them are translators for the languages spoken by the radical Islamist enemy. I don’t suppose it would occur to General Casey that if Islamist soldiers would murder their fellow non-Muslim soldiers that they might also sabotage the translation of documents and communications of the enemy.

The real problem with our government and military’s handling of events such as this is that it is further evidence that they simply do not understand Fourth Generation Warfare, the type of non-military tactics the jihadists are using against us. If we recognize this act of internal treachery for what it clearly and obviously is, an Islamic jihad attack from within our own ranks, then we deny the enemy a propaganda victory. We can deter them from claiming Americans “are turning on their own” which allows them to recruit more Islamic extremists to carryout these attacks.

When the first Islamic attack occurred in the 101st Airborne Division by Sgt. Asan Akbhar, many warned of the enemy within. I was one of them in an April 2003 article in Insight Magazine I quoted former Assistant Secretary of Defense Frank Gaffney stating "If [extreme] Islamists have infiltrated into the [armed] services it is a matter of grave concern because, by definition, Islamists are engaged in advancing an agenda that is inimical to this country and what it is and what it stands for, and its security most especially."

The Islamic jihadists who are waging this war against America want our soldiers to not feel safe where they sleep; the tragedy is that our own military and civilian leaders may allow them this great success.

Scott Wheeler

Scott Wheeler is executive director of the National Republican Trust PAC. Wheeler is a former television producer, international investigative journalist, and veteran of the U.S. Army infantry.