Scott Wheeler

The Bill Clinton defense could easily have been used by CIA agents by just saying that the interrogations were a “private matter”, then it would have been left to our imaginations to figure out what they were using cigars for in their interrogations. The Army Reservist who went to jail, for among other things, exposing her breasts to an inmate at Abu Ghraib clearly didn’t get the Clinton memo on how to properly expose oneself with immunity. In this case clearly the interrogators needed to expose their genitals and demand the inmate “kiss it.” Clinton refers to this enhanced technique as “dangling death” Paula Jones on the other hand refers to it as “the caterpillar” treatment.

Under the Clinton rules of engagement all is legal, ala Juanita Broderick, as long as you dispense medical advice following any forced coercive methods such as “put some ice on that.” It would also be necessary to have a team of disinformation agents standing by to deny, distort, fabricate and generally protect the interrogator, like the main stream media did for Clinton. Of course, that is the same main stream media that savaged the Department of Defense for even having a discussion about an office that would just try to explain the American side of the war story to the press.

And, by the way, couldn’t the press corps’ treatment of Linda Tripp be considered far more degrading than anything the CIA is accused of doing to a terrorist?

Another thing the CIA could really use is a “missile defense”, that is, when they are under investigation for something, they could say there was a national security emergency that needed to be dealt with immediately and use it to distract the nation’s attention. Remember how when Clinton’s peccadilloes were on the front page? There would be a dangerous aspirin factory in Africa that had to be targeted with cruise missiles so Clinton could claim he was a “president at war” and therefore unassailable. We all know how the Democrats feel about undermining the president during wartime, why, to do so is practically a war crime itself well, that is, as long as the wartime president is a Democrat and thusly at war for the wrong reasons. The stronger the evidence the bigger the target must be, in case of impeachment, for example, the CIA would have to commit several Air Force bomber wings and missile batteries against a nation such as Yugoslavia and pretend it is a cause worth fighting. Speaking of torture, wouldn’t ordering the bombing of hospitals and historic sites be considered war crimes? Few are aware of this, but several of NATO allies were accusing Clinton of that very thing. Not that the mainstream media would have informed anyone of this, after all, the Serbs were traditional allies of the US, in order to qualify for mainstream media protection you must be a sworn enemy in desperate pursuit of killing American civilians.

Memo to the brave men and women whose job it is to defend America: Get the Democrats handbook and start using it- but first recognize that you must pretend that you are mocking America while you are defending it, otherwise you will be hauled in before the Democrat inquisition and tried for excessive jingoism.

Scott Wheeler

Scott Wheeler is executive director of the National Republican Trust PAC. Wheeler is a former television producer, international investigative journalist, and veteran of the U.S. Army infantry.