Scott Wheeler

For nearly two years on the campaign trail, Barack Obama would blame all of America’s problems on President Bush, capitalism, free enterprise and the war on terror.

Now, after finding out that his administration’s deal to bail out AIG included paying bonuses to executives was extremely unpopular, the hunt for a scapegoat became priority number one. Obama says it’s not his fault that no one wants to take the blame for Bonus-gate.

Americans are waking up to the fact that nebulous campaign slogans really don’t fix anything and Obama’s approval ratings here in the US are plunging.

There is good news for Obama though. His approval ratings are up with one of his foreign constituencies-- terrorists.

The terrorist group Hamas endorsed had Obama before the election, but instead of feeling suckered like many Americans who voted for him, they are seeing results. An AFP report quotes Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal praising what he calls Obama’s “new lexicon” for describing terrorist’s demands. "The challenge for everyone is that (Obama's new language) is a prelude to a sincere change in US … foreign policy," said Meshaal, according to AFP.

The “sincere change” the Hamas leader was referring from the previous US policy in the Middle East stating that we would not support Hamas’ goal of killing all the Jews and taking over Israeli land and turning it into the new Palestine. That is the reason for Hamas’ existence -- it is written in Hamas’ charter and has been reiterated constantly since it’s founding in 1988.

The Obama admistration is reaching out a friendly hand to the terrorist organization that has not only murdered hundreds of innocent Israeli women and children but Americans as well. Hamas has also threatened to attack inside the United States as recently as four years ago and has also had its agents stopped in the process of trying to carry out attacks here.

While Obama has repeatedly sought to embrace every anti-American entity on the planet, he insulted one of our closest friends, the Prime Minister of Great Britain, an ally that showed tremendous support in the war on terror. Americans should hope that America’s allies don’t read too much into the Obama foreign policy strategy lest they start attacking us too, just to gain favor with the Obama administration.

Scott Wheeler

Scott Wheeler is executive director of the National Republican Trust PAC. Wheeler is a former television producer, international investigative journalist, and veteran of the U.S. Army infantry.