Scott Rasmussen

Seventy-six percent think they should have the right to choose between expensive insurance plans with low deductibles and low-cost plans with higher deductibles. A similar majority believes everyone should be allowed to choose between expensive plans that cover just about every imaginable medical procedure and lower-cost plans that cover a smaller number of procedures. All such choices would be banned under the current health care law.

Americans want to be empowered as health care consumers. They don't want the government telling them what to do.

The president and his colleagues in Congress thought the battle for their health care plan ended in March 2010. Romney and many Republicans thought it might end in the Supreme Court before Election 2012 really took off.

Now, we recognize that the battle for the president's health care plan is just beginning.

Scott Rasmussen

Scott Rasmussen is founder and president of the Rasmussen Media Group. He is a political analyst, author, public speaker and columnist for Creators Syndicate.