Scott Rasmussen

Ultimately, in the United States, government spending will come down because voters have made it clear that's what they want. Politicians will bemoan the austerity budgets, but most voters will see them in a different light.

Two out of three Americans believe decisions made by business leaders will do more to create jobs than decisions made by those in government. Cutting government spending is seen by voters as a way to free more resources for the private sector. In other words, austerity for the government leads to prosperity for the nation.

Scott Rasmussen

Scott Rasmussen is founder and president of Rasmussen Reports. He is a political analyst, author, speaker and, since 1994, an independent public opinion pollster.

Scott founded Rasmussen Reports, LLC in 2003 as a media company specializing in the collection, publication and distribution of public opinion polling information. Rasmussen Reports provides in-depth data, news coverage and commentary on political, business, economic and lifestyle topics at, America’s most visited public opinion polling site.

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