Scottie Hughes

We also need to make sure in future races, we only put one Conservative against one establishment candidate, as this is our common mistake, and the main reason why we continue to lose. Candidates in our movement have to remember that they might be able go back to their lives after a loss, and in some cases might even be able to profit on their gained name recognition; however, the movement will always have a notch in the loss column due to their campaign. We need to be smart. Not to discourage the grassroots candidates, but we need to make sure that we as Conservatives are honest enough to put our goal of putting a true Conservative in office, as priority instead of offering numerous choices.

Remember, revolutions don't just happen overnight. It takes strategy and planning. This is not a sprint, we are in a long distant run to save our party. Although there are 100 senators, think about the power of one. One senator who is willing to stand and fight against a bankrupting health care system. One Senator who is willing to speak out to protect personal liberties. One senator who is not afraid to point out corrupt and misleading proposed laws because of his in depth knowledge of the supreme law. The light of one honest senator in a hall of darkness and corruption can save our country.

Truth be told, neither the establishment nor the Tea Party will ever win a majority of elections again if we don't unite under the disasters of Obamacare, the 18 trillion dollars of debt, IRS targeting, the truth of Benghazi, etc.

The establishment will not survive without the passion and hard work of the grassroots or the Tea Party. At the same time, the Tea Party cannot stand on its own without the structure and fundraising of the establishment. The Democrats’ biggest wish is to continue this divide as they know we are weak when separated.

Scottie Hughes

Scottie Nell Hughes is the news director and chief journalist for the Tea Party News Network as well as a contributor to Patriot.TV and