Scottie Hughes

It is also the same al Qaeda that has declared war on the Christians of Syria and believes it has been charged by God to ethnically cleanse the land of all men, women, and children who dare to believe in Jesus Christ. To date, the rebels have burned down more than 30 churches, and they have tortured and murdered countless Christians. Earlier this month, more than nine innocent Syrians celebrating a Christian feast were brutally shot at their dining room table. On June 23rd, a Catholic priest was beheaded while trying to defend his sister nuns at the monastery of St. Simon. Just this past weekend, a video was released of a young Christian girl being mutilated and butchered while still alive.

What President Obama has not told you about his plan to bomb Syria is that it will make us allies of these butchers of Christians, because many of the rebels our bombings will help are linked to al Qaeda.

Where is the outrage from the Evangelicals, Catholics, and other Christians across this country as our brothers and sisters in Christ are being murdered and our President is about to strengthen the terrorists who are killing them? Our Pastors need to be preaching from the pulpit, encouraging their congregations to tell their members of Congress not to vote for the President’s proposal to make our men and women in uniform involuntary allies of al Qaeda.

This is not the time for Christians to just sit back and eat their Chick Fil A sandwiches, wear their WWJD bracelets, or stick an extra fish on the back of their minivans. This is the time when our faith has called us to stand up, speak out, and demand that our country not align itself with a terrorist organization sworn to murder our brothers and sisters in Christ.

In our Lord’s Sermon on the Mount, he promised (in Aramaic) the kingdom of heaven to those who are persecuted, like the victims of al-Qaeda’s jihad against Syria’s Christians. My faith leaves me with no doubt that those of them who have died now live in a better world. My hope is that we do nothing to aid the persecutors who cut short their lives in this one.

Scottie Hughes

Scottie Nell Hughes is the news director and chief journalist for the Tea Party News Network as well as a contributor to Patriot.TV and