Scottie Hughes

Another issue which makes Libertarians easy prey for liberals is homosexual marriage rights. Some libertarians believe that this is a States rights issues because it was not defined by the 10th Amendment and that the Government should stay out of defining a family. However, others just want to marry their partner and have the same rights as other “traditional” marriages.

These are just two issues in which Libertarian beliefs run parallel to Progressives. Other issues include the legalization and removal of all restrictions on alcohol, pornography, prostitution, gambling, and suicide.

As the Democrats watch the Tea Party and other Conservative groups continue to grow in momentum towards 2014, they know they must appeal to Libertarians. And it is their libertine social views that could be an opening for voter recruitment. Watch as the Democrats start running more emotional campaign commercials focused on issues like equal marriage rights for all, how pot can relieve painful health symptoms, and an oppressive national security apparatus. The Republicans; however, might also tweak their message by focusing on the outrageous spending and new limits and restrictions which this Administration has implemented in volume on small businesses and individual freedoms.

Today’s Libertarians are not very organized; however, with over 1 million voting for the official Libertarian Party’s nominee in the last Presidential election, these voters will be even more valuable in a non-Presidential election. Let’s just hope the majority of Libertarians are more influenced by the words of Reagan and Goldwater then Cheech and Chong.

Scottie Hughes

Scottie Nell Hughes is the news director and chief journalist for the Tea Party News Network as well as a contributor to Patriot.TV and