Scottie Hughes

The good news is, with every major bankruptcy or bad economic news that is announced it seems our stock market usually has an opposite effect and reaches for the sky.  Chairman Bernanke and his minions at the Federal Reserve hope that this manipulated surge will continue the charade of growth in today’s economy giving the American people the false sense that our economy was not effected.  

How quickly will the tribulations of the March 1st sequester be forgotten, once the upcoming consequences of what raising the debt ceiling on March 27th might yield.  However, with the Federal Reserve printing no less then 85 billion dollars per month, this economic fairy tale has no chance for a happy ending for the City of Detroit and I fear the rest of the Country as well.

Scottie Hughes

Scottie Nell Hughes is the news director and chief journalist for the Tea Party News Network as well as a contributor to Patriot.TV and

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