Scottie Hughes

What the Tea Party needs to survive – and thrive – is to reintroduce its mission and philosophy to the public. 

The Tea Party is meant to be an organic grassroots movement.  While this is the genius behind its original success, it also has drawbacks in that without structure and governance it is nearly impossible to have a clear set of rules and an agreed upon agenda. Any “Tea Party” member can offer their own opinion, which is often taken as the belief of the entire movement (look up Akin, Todd and Mourdock, Richard).  The more crazy the opinion, the more it confirms the stereotype of crazed wing nuts carrying pitchforks, the more excited the liberal left and the media is to promote it and label it as Official Tea Party Opinion. 

Instead of being caught in blind alleys on social issues that inflame and provoke, the Tea Party needs to go back to its founding issue: America’s economic agenda and standing athwart the big government agenda pushed by Obama Democrats and complacent establishment GOP members. 

I don’t care about Bob and Ted wanting to marry in Maine.  I do care if both are responsible, legal, tax paying citizens who have health insurance and are not reliant upon the Government for any entitlements or federal subsidies.  As a Conservative Christian, I might not agree with legal homosexual marriage, but as a Tea Partier, my personal values should not be apart of my argument.

If America’s fiscal peril wrought by out of control spending were the central focus, self-identified Tea Party members would be not only Republicans, but libertarians, independents, and yes, even Democrats.  8 percent of Americans wouldn’t identify with the Tea Party. Close to 50 percent would.

We must save the Tea Party movement and reestablish the positive perception of what we believe amongst all demographics.  If I may be so bold, I’d venture that America’s survival as a free, capitalist nation depends on it.

I would bet that in Michael Moore’s own home, he washes out the mouth of anyone who says the phrase Tea Party in anything but a derogatory way.  I fear that absent a radical change in how the rest of America views us, other households will do the same.

Scottie Hughes

Scottie Nell Hughes is the news director and chief journalist for the Tea Party News Network as well as a contributor to Patriot.TV and