Scottie Hughes

He also said the new government had to be "decisive with regard to social cohesion" and bring "security" to the country.

It was not surprising that President Obama was quick to respond and congratulate President Samaras by saying, “We are in urgent need to form a government. The country may not remain even for an hour longer without a government. It is imperative in this crisis that we have a government to face our problems. I wish you every success in your efforts to form a government. We all are here to serve the Greek people.” 

Of course President Obama would say this and he only hopes that the American people would say the same thing to him on November 4th if he wins his reelection.  With Obama’s continuing promise of solving the problems brought on by his stimulus plan by the addition of more wasteful spending, in order to simply buy the votes of different social and economic demographic groups.  It is no wonder why he praised the new Greek President.  In fact, I would think President Obama should consider President Samaras for one of his famed ornaments on next years White House Christmas tree. 

Just last month, France endorsed socialism in their election, and unfortunately, it looks like Greece might continue to promote it’s socialist agenda, despite its obvious failure.  In fact, just like cattle headed to the slaughter, the people of Greece voted for a more extremist socialist agenda then what is already in place.  They did this all while saying they are forming a new coalition government. This is not only incredibly frustrating, but plain idiotic. 

The worst part, is instead of America watching and learning their lessons from the Greeks, it seems we are happily skipping down the same path, to the tune of Moving Forward.

Scottie Hughes

Scottie Nell Hughes is the news director and chief journalist for the Tea Party News Network as well as a contributor to Patriot.TV and