Scott Garrett

And, according to a non-partisan Congressional Budget Office report, an estimated 3 million seniors will literally lose their coverage altogether, including more than 6,700 seniors in New Jersey's 5th District.

Paying for illegal immigrants

To make matters worse, the SCHIP bill also forces the American taxpayer to pay for health benefits for illegal immigrants. It removes current safeguards meant to keep illegal immigrants from accessing SCHIP benefits, while simultaneously establishing mandatory $400 million expenditure for translation services for non-English-speaking enrollees.

The SCHIP bill is dangerous policy. And, it was brought to the floor through dangerous procedure, bypassing debate and committee review in an effort to cram it through the House before adjourning for the month of August.

The family budget – for today's taxpayers and tomorrow's – should be our first concern, not cheap political ploys.

The president has said he will veto this bill. With a strong bipartisan vote against the bill of more than 200 representatives, his veto should stand. At that point, I hope the Democratic leadership will go back to the drawing board and formulate a reasonable proposal that protects children, seniors and taxpayers.

Scott Garrett

Congressman Scott Garrett represents New Jersey's Fifth Congressional District in the United States House of Representatives.