Sandy Rios

The show began with a flashback of a lesbian and her mother discussing the daughter’s upcoming “marriage” on The Tyra Banks Show. The mother was sweet but broken at the thought of her daughter “marrying” another woman. There was nothing superior in her attitude … nothing remotely unkind in her tone, just the broken heart of a mother watching her daughter make a choice she felt was immoral.

On this day, they were appearing again on that same couch, this time mother, wife and wife.  Had the mother, in fact, gone to the wedding? Yes … she had, but sat on the back row. The inference? Bad. The stepfather videotaped the entire wedding, but allegedly nudged his daughter away from her white-gowned partner to take a photo alone. Inference? Really bad.  The parents didn’t stay for the reception—that was too was bad. As the mother wept again and declared her love for her daughter, the daughter remained the victim. How really bad for the mom to make the daughter feel “bad” in this way.  If mom would just get over her own pain and convictions on the matter and accept this “marriage,” her daughter and partner could be happy.

Next segment: Sam Harris, a fabulous singer from the Star Search years, has adopted a baby girl with his male partner. His passionate and angry outburst on YouTube at the passage of Proposition 8 in California—defining marriage as the union of a man and a woman—was the next feature.

Enter the panel: A black, perfectly dressed marriage and family attorney from New York, an expert at defending the rights of homosexuals; a white lesbian, Charlene, whose partner was lost in a flash flood in Seattle and was subsequently denied the right to visit her in a coma— until it was cleared by family; the third was Sam Harris.

On the other side was a beautiful black mom of two little children from South Carolina named Karen…Mrs. Average American, chosen because she objects to homosexual marriage;  Dr.Bill Meier, psychologist with Focus on the Family and me, Sandy Rios, of notable opposition to homosexual marriage and  gay adoption.  Dr. Meier was prepped and ready with valuable facts and information but what followed was not what we had expected.

The audience wore “gay” and “straight” t-shirts to indicate their sexual preference. An additional group in an unidentified color was of inclination unknown.  The “gay” group were notably men … the “straight” mostly women. 

Tyra Banks entered from the back and without introducing any of us, began the interaction.

Tyra: Sandy, is gay the new black?  [A borrowed theme from “The Advocate.”]

Sandy Rios

Sandy Rios is Vice President of Family Pac Federal, a FOX News Contributor and host of Sandy Rios in the Morning on AFR Talk.