Sandy Rios

I’ve heard all the objections, but I’ve examined his record and character, and I still think Governor Mike Huckabee is the best Republican nominee left in the field.

Is it because he shares my evangelical sub-culture? Not really. There is such a wide swath incorporated in that label, I know full well it could never guarantee the necessary qualities needed in an American President. It might mean something and it may mean virtually nothing. But when the so-called “evangelical” candidate is a genuine Christ-follower—committed, serious, having “conformed his mind” to the teachings of Christ and in addition has administrative and leadership skills necessary for the job, you bet it makes a difference to me. It guarantees religious freedom to all, while tapping the real source of wisdom and compassion, coupled with uncompromising conviction. I believe Mike Huckabee to be just that kind of candidate.

While some of the criticism of Governor Huckabee has been legitimate, I find most of the objections overstated and not proportionate to the actual facts. More importantly, the problems with Huckabee are not nearly as objectionable as the actual records of John McCain and Mitt Romney. The following arguments have been made to discount Huckabee:

1. He’s the evangelical candidate and only appeals to those people

That certainly wasn’t true in December when, after months of appearing before audiences across the country in debates, he was winning over millions and moving ahead in the polls. That was before he was suddenly declared a “liberal” and accused of destroying the Republican Party in Arkansas. Suddenly, most of the people I admire in print and on television began to turn on him and regularly ascribe with disdain the “evangelical” moniker. Where once they enjoyed his wit, he was suddenly too … southern … too … evangelical…. and so, like dominoes, the pundits fell and the group-think began.

I am not in any way disregarding the legitimate arguments. I respect my pundit friends too much to ignore their concerns. I share some of them, but I don’t think I’m wrong to suggest that they have gone overboard with their vitriol in an all out assault on a good man with great political skills and stellar positions on some of the core issues we conservatives have always said we cared about.

2. He’s a tax and spend liberal

Sandy Rios

Sandy Rios is Vice President of Family Pac Federal, a FOX News Contributor and host of Sandy Rios in the Morning on AFR Talk.