Sam Graves

But unfortunately, small businesses are barely staying afloat. Based on NFIB’s (National Federation of Independent Businesses) monthly economic survey that will be released on Tuesday, small businesses have experienced no growth over the last few months. We can do better than this.

The House has passed more than 30 jobs bills that sit idle in the Senate, with no leadership from President Obama to move them forward. The House also created a Plan for America’s Job Creators to boost private sector growth, while our counterparts in government sit on their hands. House Republicans can’t do this alone.

If we want to successfully address our nation’s unemployment crisis, we must work together to promote policies that provide confidence to small businesses. If we want to see Americans get back to work and our economy recover fully, we must start with our nation’s best job creators — small businesses — and remove obstacles that prevent growth and job creation.

Sam Graves

Congressman Sam Graves is the U.S. Representative for Missouri's 6th congressional district, serving since 2001, and serves as the Chairman of the House Small Business Committee.