Salena Zito

Clinton may be depending on the reason the Hunt Commission created super-delegates: Some major Obama misstep or scandal that could propel Clinton into the nomination. As long as she is in the race, there is a chance she could end up as the nominee.

“Hillary Clinton stays in this race until Denver, no matter what,” speculates one GOP political strategist. “She is pinning her hopes that either Obama falters or that the opposition research her team has been sitting on makes its way out from June to August.”

Super-delegates are designed to be free and unpledged. Close to 500 super-delegates have chosen to pledge already, and a handful have switched back and forth. For whatever reason, look for a couple hundred to hold out until the inevitable reckoning, which will come after one candidate loses a primary he or she was supposed to win or after the primaries conclude and it finally is time to make a choice.

Until then, even though the delegates and the popular vote are on Obama’s side, the uncertainty of the remaining super-delegates is the glue that holds Clinton together – although everyone probably agrees that all bets are off if Obama wins Pennsylvania.

Salena Zito

Salena Zito is a political analyst, reporter and columnist.